Raffaella and Samia Want To Be The “Man Of Your Dreams”

Photo by Dannica Robinson
October 10 2023

PRAISE FOR Raffaella



“Known for packing both clever melodies and bite-sized wisdom in her songs”


“Raffaella makes light of the madness”


“One of the most promising pop artists in the Twin Cities”

Minnesota Public Radio

“Love at first listen”

Early Rising

“Approachable, intellectual pop music to soundtrack adolescence”


LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act II) is out January 26th, preorder HERE

“Man Of Your Dreams ft. Samia” by Raffaella is out now, listen HERE

Today Raffaella announces LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act II), out January 26 via Mom + Pop with new single “Man Of Your Dreams” with Samia. Listen/watch “Man Of Your Dreams,” produced by Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus HERE, and preorder LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act II) HERE.

Raffaella and Samia’s “Man Of Your Dreams” could serve as a wonderfully catchy, twinkling pop song at face value, but when you add the witty layering of sarcastic commentary on what it’s like to be a woman in the industry, delivered by vocals in which you can hear the hint of exhaustion from it all…? We get the sublime chaos in coming-of-age.

In preparation for the video, Raffaella and Samia went out in search of the biggest fake boobs they could find.

Of the song, Raffaella says: “This is a couple of secular city girls, with an unfounded curiosity for religion, singing as postulants for the holy order that is the Music Industry. Everything we say is a joke that we take seriously; our request that Mother Mary make us funnier and prettier is as impossible as the interminable expectations of femininity and all of its falsified ideals – we are praying as sincerely as we are trying. Favors, funding, patience, forgiveness, humor, beauty, selflessness… it’s a lot to ask for but it’s also something that we both really want to be able to provide. As women in the music industry, it can feel like we have to be as good and as resilient as Jesus Christ – which is okay sometimes, as long as you can make fun of the insane standards with language that is as hyperbolic as it is honest. It would be nice to be the man of your dreams. We just kinda wanted to see what it’d feel like to be able to make that promise out loud.”

Her breakthrough single “Sororicide” was a #1 hit on Spotify’s Viral 50 US; Paper, Nylon, Consequence, and more are fans of her attention to detail, nostalgia-inducing sound, and authenticity. You may also know Raffaella from her collaborative effort with Samia, Ryann, Sara L’abriola as Peach Fuzz, with praise from Stereogum, Consequence, i-D, Brooklyn Vegan, and more. Having just wrapped a tour with Misterwives and Bishop Briggs and previously sharing stages with Samia, Liz Phair and more, Raffaella brings her story to the forefront on her first-ever headline tour titled Live, Raff, LIVE! next spring.

Raffaella’s debut project LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act I) (co-written and produced by Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus), narrates with a specificity so intense you immediately absorb the cotton candy and cigarette smoke, drunken kisses and stoned malaise. Following the shape of a play, LIVE, RAFF, LOVE’s (Act II) is the heavier foil, establishing Raffaella as one of pop’s sharpest observers of human behavior.

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