Danger Mouse & Jemini

In 2003, celebrated producer and musician Danger Mouse and prodigiously talented New York rapper Jemini dropped their debut album, and Danger Mouse’s first official release on a record label, Ghetto Pop Life; a bouncing rap spectacular which quickly becomes a critically acclaimed cult classic. Throughout the record, Jemini steps to the mic stronger than ever delivering a smooth yet intense lyric masterclass that fuses perfectly with Danger Mouse’s already highly skilled production. As well as one of the finest rap records of the era, Ghetto Pop Life foreshadows Danger Mouse’s later triumphs including The Grey Album, his production work for Gorillaz and A$AP Rocky, and collaborations with Cee-Lo as Gnarls Barkley, MF DOOM  for DangerDOOM plus his most recent hip-hop offering, 2022’s Cheat Codes alongside Black Thought. 

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