Following his Nas-inspired debut mixtape Illmatic (2014), rapper-producer Knucks has since garnered widespread acclaim with his innovative sound. With over a quarter of a billion streams, a rack of headline shows and festival dates, and a string of legendary collaborations from Stormzy to Kenny Beats, the North London rapper is rapidly becoming a household name throughout the UK and global hip-hop stage. By diversifying the sound of UK music, Knucks has steadily positioned himself as the leader of the new school. Knucks’s production style fuses a more stateside R&B- and jazz-influenced sound with contemporary UK hip-hop aesthetics. His iconic soundscapes include productions with yearnful sax-infused melodies, jazzy piano samples, and colourful string and synth textures undergirded with hard-hitting 808s and staggering drill rhythms. Equipped with solid lyrical prowess, Knucks brings a riveting narrative style to his production with effortless flow and cadence.