The Snuts release ambitious new album Millennials

Photo by Gary Williamson
February 23 2024


“On all fronts, the future is twinkling for The Snuts.”


“They’re open-hearted working-class lads who scratch an itch for people who miss the sound of the Arctic Monkeys before Alex Turner succumbed to his Bowie fixation.”

Yahoo! News

“The subtle disco-tinged elements represent a newfound confidence.”

Rolling Stone UK

“Each track is intensely packed with teen-like vibrancy and palpable energy. It's a total crowd pleaser.”

Dork (4 Stars)

“From Scotland to Australia, The Snuts Know Community Matters Most”

Rolling Stone Australia

“The Snuts have emerged victorious.”

Record Collector

Butterside Down
Deep Diving

Millennials by The Snuts is out now, buy/stream it here.

Today, The Snuts release their spectacular third album Millennials on their newly set up label Happy Artist Records – via The Orchard. LISTEN HERE.

From start to finish, top to bottom, Millennials has been made entirely to The Snuts’ script. The result: a tight, taut, fat-free masterclass in songwriting and production, with 10 tracks clocking in just shy of half-an-hour. Frontman Jack Cochrane took the studio lead in collaboration with the band’s live MD Scott Anderson. Tracks were written on the run as The Snuts toured the world in support of their previous Top 3 album Burn The Empire. Alongside appearances supporting Kings Of Leon and Louis Tomlinson, they recorded on the fly in tour buses, dressing rooms, hotel rooms and a 300-quid-a-week studio in the Scottish Highlands.

The Snuts have a chart-topping reputation for songs that attack subjects affecting the youth of today, and an arsenal of adoring fans throughout Scotland and beyond. As these four lads from Whitburn, West Lothian – Jack Cochrane, Joe McGillveray, Callum ’29’ Wilson, and Jordan ‘Joko’ Mackay – vowed four years ago, they sought to be risky and represent their motives as a proud people’s band. The priority, then as now, as Cochrane says, was “to say what was on our minds.” Everything done, as Wilson describes it, “collectively and collaboratively,” resulting in a firecracker run of tracks.

“Leading into this new record, the original idea was: are there any songs we’ve forgotten to write?” says Cochrane. “Are there any ideas and feelings we can dip back into from when we weren’t living in this music world? That’s where we, as millennials, came up with the concept. Tapping into the emotions that we maybe hadn’t processed into music. Those big boiling points in your life. The first time you’re falling in love. First time your heart is broken. Those pivotal moments. On the last record there was a bit more nuance. With this one, we wanted to see how it would feel if we went more direct on the songs and to connect as easily as possible. I don’t think we’re living in an age now where people want to spend time taking something apart. We want people to feel it the first time they hear it.”

Sprung from the traps with ‘Gloria‘, the album’s opening track is the perfect curtain-raiser on the latest chapter for this young band. ‘NPC‘ speaks to a similar snapshot of adolescence while ‘Millionaires‘ is a pop song with global scale boasting both bite and edge. Today’s focus, ‘Circles’ is the fittingly epic closer to everything The Snuts wanted to achieve with their third album. As they vowed all those years ago, Millennials is a confident, punchy, ruthless tuneful and sublimely relatable product of DIY experimentalism, from a band feeling and sounding free. They’ve changed up and – fully, wholeheartedly, joyfully – revved up.

Experience The Snutslive in Australia this May – see all tour routing details BELOW.

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