The South Hill Experiment Expand Their “Bustling Ecosystem of Sounds” (Clash) on New EP ‘South Hill & Friends’

Photo by Nic Khang
March 1 2024

PRAISE FOR The South Hill Experiment

“Baird brings whimsy and eclecticism, while Goldwash provides an indie electronic funk-meets-Robert Wyatt vibe. The results feel like we're witnessing, indeed, an experiment, explorations for a soundtrack to a film that doesn't yet exist.”


“Imaginative psych-pop and slinky synth-pop with a loose, dynamic, groovy feel. Reminiscent at times of MGMT's early catalog, SUNSTRIKES captures an exciting wide-eyed sound.”


“Both celestial (Arkestral, if you will) in its expansive vocal and guitar lines and tethered to earth by a steady funk groove.”


BONITA ft. Buck Raines
Little Monk ft. Karriem Riggins
Growing Pains ft. Maxo

South Hill & Friends is out now, buy/stream it here.

TodayThe South Hill Experiment — the project of LA-via-Baltimore brothers  Baird and Goldwash who hold a “reputation for crafting imaginative synthy-psych-pop with a groovy feel” (Glide) — deepens their sonic universe with South Hill & Friends, a new EP featuring collaborations with Karriem Riggins, Maxo, Buck Raines, and Sofía Campos. Listen to South Hill & Friends here.

Bringing together elements of jazz, hip-hop, Mexican folk, psychedelia, and more,  the EP is a tribute to the exploratory spirit that Baird and Goldwash bring to all of their music, including previous work with Danny Brown, Arlo Parks, and Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth. South Hill & Friends is a further evolution of their eclectic, singular sound — a colorful and all too brief reminder of The South Hill Experiment’s alchemic touch.

Says S/H/E of the project: The South Hill & Friends EP is our sandbox for collaboration. We work with a circle of magicians who do things we could never dream of, so this project is our chance to show them off. We’ve been graced with the pocket of Karriem Riggins, the tumbling poetry of Maxo and the tender vocals of Sofía Campos. ‘BONITA’ is our cult rock centerpiece, featuring our drummer and dear friend Buck. The track elicited a single text response from our mixing engineer: ‘If this was 1998 you’d be millionaires.'”

S/H/E offered a glimpse inside the EP last month with “Little Monk,” a track built upon the particular, powerful percussion of Dilla protegé and Kendrick Lamar-collaborator Karriem Riggins. “Little Monk” swings with drunken confidence and switchblade precision, as its descending keyboard lines and pitched-up Chet Baker impersonations lend it a suave slinkiness.

In 2023, The South Hill Experiment introduced themselves with MOONSHOTS and SUNSTRIKEStwo records whose “exciting wide-eyed sound” (KEXP) drew widespread acclaim and year-end plaudits from KCRW, The FADER, Clash, Glide, and moreThese two projects coursed with such a creative vitality and intoxicating camaraderie that, as KCRW put it, made listeners “feel like we’re witnessing, indeed, an experiment, explorations for a soundtrack to a film that doesn’t yet exist.” 

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