These New South Whales share video for ‘Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya); Australian tour starts this Thursday

October 3 2017

These New South Whales today share their new video for current single ‘Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)’. Watch it below:

The video was directed by the band’s lead vocalist Jamie Timony and brother Ben Timony, who is also behind the shooting and editing of the clip. “The Bodhi Ian is an American Staffy I walk three times a week for my friend and neighbour, Odette” shares Jamie Timony. “I asked him if he would like to co-star in the new TNSW video. He said “Arf!” and I said “God bless ya!.”

Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)’, along with previously released singles ‘Meat Hook’, ‘We Don’t Need You Anymore’, Space In Hell’, are taken off the band’s independently released album, You Work For Us.  Produced and engineered by Dean Tuza, the tracks came together across five short, cold days in a World War II bunker in Camden, NSW. Made up of an eclectic mix of fast punk-metal songs to softer new wave moments, the band deliver a record thoughtful both in approach and subject matter. Since it’s release, the album has shot up across streaming platforms and become a radio favourite, receiving the packet album at FBi Radio, along with a spot rotation add for ‘Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)’ on triple j.

These New South Whales will be taking their new tunes on the road for their You Work For Us Australian Tour which begins this Thursday 5 October, at Mojo’s in Fremantle. Check out the full list of dates, supports and details below.


Thurs 5 Oct – Mojo’s – Fremantle (TIX)
w/ BOAT SHOW, Hideous Sun Demon & moistoyster

Thurs 12 Oct – Rad Bar – Wollongong (TIX)
w/ The Nuclear Family & Space Boys

Fri 13 Oct – The Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle (TIX)
w/ PALS & treasuretroves

Sat 14 Oct – Lansdowne – Sydney (TIX)
w/ Felix Lush

Fri 20 Oct – The Foundry – Brisbane (TIX)
w/ WHALEHOUSE & sweater curse

Sat 21 Oct – The Basement – Nambour, Sunshine Coast (TIX)
w/ Chakra Effendi

Sun 22 Oct – Shark Bar Miami Tavern – Gold Coast (TIX ON DOOR)

Fri 27 Oct – Workers Club – Melbourne (TIX)
w/ Rhysics & Department

Sat 28 Oct – Crown & Anchor – Adelaide (TIX)
w/ STORK & special guests

Tickets available now via

You Work For Us LP is out now.
Listen to it on Spotify / Apple Music / iTunes / Soundcloud.

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“These New South Whales’ debut album You Work For Us, isn’t just another Australian punk album. It’s crass, has connotations of ‘sticking it to the man’ and is a barrel of raw energy from start to finish….There are tracks where the band could nearly be The Buzzcocks Australian cousin, and others where they don’t sound like anything, they’re just there to try and burst your eardrums.”
Beat Mag

“This single (Cholesterol Heart) is energetic and gritty and I wish it were twice as long but that’s the beauty of These New South Whales. Sydney’s premier punk outfit have just released their debut album You Work For Us full of tracks that hit you in the jugular and leave you wanting more.”

“omfg can you guys stop being perfectly imperfect?”
Dave Ruby Howe, triple j unearthed

“In their picture they’ve got a bit of sticky tape over their nip nips. They’re hard, driving, catchy punk and you wanna dance. One of the good things about dancing is you’re doing some exercise and you’re burning cholesterol.”
Dr Karl

“The Sydney punk four-piece are making 2017 their year – Sydney punk four-piece These New South Whales are a crew doing some cool things right now, whether it’s their acclaimed six-part mockumentary on Sydney, their mini-docos on the struggles of touring, and their range of energetic singles and live shows…First up on the These New South Whales news check-list is Space In Hell, a two-minute explosion of lively punk-rock…The brash, relentless single is driven by a powerfully moving vocal line, something that lead singer Jamie Timony dug deep to find.”

“Finger-waved taunts continue through the wasteless 100 seconds that follow as a throbbing heartbeat backs the looped claim that “everything you touch turns to dust”, spat with all the brattiness a line like that deserves. Restless and raw, a similar unsettled shrug of undirected angst reemerges across the album’s other thirteen tracks, serving as both subject focus and format director, with the band’s quintessential colloquial conversational tone funnelled through Minor Threat-levels of franticness (“No Bridge Left to Burn”), smeared with alt-nineties indie gloss (g’day Grinners) on “Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)” and pushed into a Cosmic Psychos pit with the fist-pumping, beer-spilling shout-a-long “Police State”…Amongst such chaos common threads cut through alongside the consistent mix of cocky strut and spitting rebellion. Political, protest and social themes leap from the rarely settled compositions, with Timony unloading a constant litter of sticking one-liners (“hard to feel the pinch when your skin is so tight”).”
Rolling Stone

“This track from NSW based group These New South Whales straddles a fine line between a restrained and all out performance. This delicate balance is executed fantastically, and it allows this single ‘We Don’t Need You Anymore’ to sound simultaneously raucous and pleasant – it has the calling cards of a punk song, but it isn’t limited to that audience. There is a clear musical skill here, though it is doubtful that a band whose members names are Workhorse, Durry, Slacky and Sheppo take themselves all that seriously. Clocking in at just over two minutes, ‘We Don’t Need you Anymore’ manages to pack a whole lot of fun into its brief runtime.”
Speaker TV

“With straightforward ripping guitars, pounding drums, and shadowy vocals, These New South Whales are sure to find a home blasting on your speaker any minute now. You’ll hear a nod to The Ramones, some Ty Segall, and even a bit of The Spits. This is good shit! You’re gonna love it.”
Yew Online