Tom Snowdon covers Men At Work’s ‘Who Can It Be Now?’, Channel EP out Oct 7 via Pieater

September 23 2020

After releasing his Kylie Minogue cover earlier this month, Tom Snowdon today shares the second instalment of forthcoming covers EP Channel. Listen HERE.

The new single is ‘Who Can It Be Now?‘, originally written and performed by Men At Work in 1981. The minimal arrangement of Snowdon’s interpretation serves to highlight the reclusive lyrics. Over plucked strings & a heart-beat drum, the beseeching vocals bend and soar, building to a euphoric end.

Snowdon hails from Mparntwe/Alice Springs. Family holidays meant looong road trips across the desert to the coast – south, east or north… “Mum and Dad had this album FM Rock Classics from the 80s and we wore the thing out playing it so much. “Who Can It Be Now” was my favourite track on that compilation. I remember vividly the long stretches on the Stuart Highway with that song on repeat. I’d sit for hours just gazing out the window at the landscape and listening. I’d picture a sad man in his house, pushing people away, wanting to be alone – sad but content. Only much later did I start wondering about the deeper messages about fear, isolation and anxiety in those words. That especially has felt relevant amidst the lockdowns we’ve been facing this year.” 

Who Can It Be Now?‘ by Tom Snowdon is out nowbuy/stream it here.
For our friends at community radio, you can also download the track via AMRAP here.

The EP will be released 7th October
Out on Pieater

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