Triple One’s debut album Panic Force has landed

October 30 2020

Genre-bending group Triple One today release their feverishly anticipated debut album Panic Force. Listen HERE

Following three widely-acclaimed EPs and a string of venomous singles that have won them a global fanbase, the release of Panic Force marks the group’s most boldest and most eclectic work yet; a special achievement considering the group’s long history of breaking sonic barriers. The conceptual album chronicles the final days before a hypothetical war destroys Planet Earth, capturing the omnipresent feelings of dread and paranoia that have engulfed much of 2020. Panic Force features personal reflections on love, self-loathing and substance addiction; while exploring the broader themes of escape, mortality and the hubris of man.

Sonically, the album sees Triple One lean on the sombre, signature sound that made them global underground heroes (‘Loverose‘, ‘The Conformist‘), while also experimenting with tongue-in-cheek pop sensibilities (‘Sunshine‘, ‘Space Boogie Anthem‘). More than ever, the band infuses live instrumentation and guitar-driven brashness into their sound (‘Yap! Yap! Yap!‘, ‘Where Is He?‘) with the help of key collaborators including Matt Mason of DMA’SDan Kerby of 28 Days and 18YOMAN. What results is a smorgasbord of sounds that tie seamlessly across the 12 tracks on Panic Force, proving that their assertive style can reach far beyond the hip-hop realm.

To the band, Panic Force means fast living and the unknown of what will come next. “It’s an amalgamation of everything you could have ever wanted” says vocalist Lil Dijon, continued by Obi III Terrors“it’s reminiscent but also celebratory.” As one of Australia’s most versatile hip-hop outfits, Triple One push the envelope further on their debut full length, traversing thrilling peaks and pitch-black lows. Panic Force is a triumph of raw reflection, acknowledging our flaws and all the things that ultimately make us human. Throughout the album’s track listing, the group’s signature diversity remains more visible than ever, while lyrically, conceptually, and sonically chartering new territory.

While Triple One will celebrate Panic Force with a sold-out show in their hometown of Sydney, they will bypass current COVID restrictions with a special streamed performance airing next week on YouTube, featuring unique renditions of Panic Force tracks in a curated setting. It’s a small taste of Triple One‘s vital live show before they hit the road once more in 2021, with more details to be revealed this Monday.

Panic Force by Triple One is out now, buy/stream it here.

Artwork by Serwah Attafuah.

Space Boogie Anthem
Pleasure Island
Panic Force
Skinless Man
Yap! Yap! Yap!
Where Is He?
The Conformist

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“The band brings an energy that only few have been able to do before”
Lyrical Lemonade

“The next-gen of voices in Aussie hip-hop who aren’t afraid to broaden the definition of the scene they run in”
GQ Australia

“Triple One have been redefining the sound of Australian hip-hop”
Redbull Music

“They have this Brockhampton-style energy in the sense of free will and creativity”
Zane Lowe (Beats Radio 1)

“A versatile and creative force you can’t take your eyes off”
Life Without Andy

“Unexpected – and groundbreaking”


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