Vallis Alps announce Nothing More Than Human EP, listen to new single ‘Pulling Me Back’

Photo by Rocket Weijers
April 24 2024

PRAISE FOR Vallis Alps

“The electronic duo have matured since their 2017 EP Fable and it shows not just sonically but also in the maturity and content of the empowering lyrics [on Higher Than This]”

Rolling Stone India

“Enigmatic synthpop flavours with striking boldness in its lyrics”

NME Australia

“Vallis Alps is one of the best discoveries off”

triple j

“2022 is the year that Vallis Alps come back swinging. On The Eve Of The Rush feels bigger than anything the duo has ever done in the past and it really suits”

The Music

“A breathy, airy and uplifting track from Vallis Alps is here”


“Vallis Alps are delivering all the feels”

Fashion Journal

“Vallis Alps are ushering in the new year with a second preview of their new sonic stylings”

Purple Sneakers

“‘On The Eve Of The Rush’ showcases the absolute best of the duo in style, that being glowing soundscape with captivating vocals that you’ll collectively be lost in immediately”

Acid Stag

“We're lucky to have them”

Tommy Faith, triple j

‘Pulling Me Back’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Trans-atlantic duo Vallis Alps return today with ‘Pulling Me Back’ lifted from their upcoming EP Nothing More Than Human. A collection of songs from the writing sessions for their debut album, the EP is set to arrive on July 25. LISTEN TO ‘PULLING ME BACK’ HERE.

In their first album, Vallis Alps demonstrated the transformation of their contrasting forces from states of turbulence and friction into a flourishing partnership. A defining statement in the collaboration of Parissa Tosif and David Ansari, together on Cleave the duo reflected on the journey of their career from viral come-up to international acclaim. As sonically diverse as the stories that unfold across the record’s twelve tracks, musically the two nod to the trailblazers of their early days alongside experimental new corners of their enduring downtempo sound.

Today they unveil an extension of music canvassed from those sessions, recast in the forthcoming EP release Nothing More Than Human. Here Vallis Alps highlight their ability to balance the emotional and reflective with visceral, energetic electronica. Enhancing their enduring motive to connect and inspire listeners on any occasion – daily DMs, comments, and emails see fans continuously share just how Vallis Alps have supported their most trying or rewarding moments – the duo will share four previously unheard tracks.

First preview, ‘Pulling Me Back’, Parissa shares, “is one of my favourite songs we’ve written. It’s really about knowing that change is coming and being excited and scared about it, but it’s also just a fun song to dance to.” Here cerebral claps and drum roll build alongside melodic synths, amongst reflections on states of “make or break” and endurance in the face of reformation. Illuminating the playful lyrics is the group’s unique production stamp.

“Pulling Me Back was built around the relationship between that synth in the beginning, and the claps that run throughout,” David reflects. “They brought a buoyancy to the whole song that matched the feeling of the lyrics, and set the tone for the production to feel nimble and ultra-light, as if it could float on the surface tension of water. It’s also the first song I’ve ever made with any kind of “solo” in it – I did it in one take as a joke and we ended up keeping it in the song. We’ve never been that loose with production before, and it was really energising.”

Since their return with Cleave, singles like ‘You & I’, the assertive ‘Higher Than This’ and the triple j playlisted ‘Start Again‘ to the anthemic ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’ and ‘On The Eve Of The Rush‘, saw Vallis Alps receive acclaim from Bandcamp, Frankie Magazine, 10 Magazine, with NME Australia praising them as “the sound of a band standing in its truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how dark and ugly it can get.” While triple j, Double J, SBS, FBi Radio, SYN FM, and others, remarked on their ability to balance the emotive with the club-thumping.

The project of Parissa Tosif and David Ansari returned earlier this year to widespread support by triple j, NME and more including, described as “breathy, airy and uplifting” by RUSSH Magazine, “pulsing electro-house” by Music Feeds, and as “bigger than anything the duo has ever done in the past and it really suits” by The Music. Cleaveis inspired by the steps Parissa and David have both taken in recent years through beginning their own families, moving abroad and building their creative careers: Parissa becoming a mother and her admittance and entrance as a practising lawyer and David’s most recent launch of his ebullient solo project Davey and Podcrushed, the podcast where Penn Badgley, Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari explore the heartbreak, anxiety and self-discovery of being a teenager with notable guests including Amy Schumer, Drew Barrymore, Lisa Kudrow, Mark Ronson and more.

Following on from their much-celebrated debut single, ‘Young‘ (Certified ARIA Gold), which culminated in their self-titled debut EP, the band then shared their 2017 follow-up EP Fable as well as standalone singles ‘So Settled‘ and ‘Oceans‘ which drew international praise; consecutive entries across triple j‘s Hottest 100 from 2015-17; sold out 40 date tours across the US, UK, Europe and Australia alongside appearances across SXSW, The Great Escape, Reading and Leads Festival, Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, Groovin’ The Moo, Spilt Milk, Listen Out and more; produce remixes for Troye Sivan with ‘EASE‘ and Matt Maeson on ‘Hallucinogenics‘ alongside a cover of The Shins‘ ‘New Slang‘ for triple j’s Live A Version; and garner a discography boasting half a billion streams globally – all achieved as a fiercely independent outfit.

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