Vegyn releases debut album Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds + shares new video for track ‘Debold’

November 8 2019

Today Vegyn unveils his own jubilant melancholia in its fullest form yet with his debut LP, Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds. Plus a new video for album track ‘Debold.‘ Listen HERE, watch HERE. To celebrate the release, Vegyn has released a special edition collection of merch items available here.

The visuals for ‘Debold’ use dance to represent underlying emotional tension and atmosphere; like it’s predecessors ‘Blue Verb,’ ‘Cowboy ALLSTAR,’ ‘Nauseous / Devilish‘ and ‘It’s Nice To Be Alive.’ Directed by frequent collaborator Joshua Gordon, the video leans on choreography from the 90’s UK dance music scene with the protagonist’s fancy footwork moving to the glistening synth melodies, skittering percussion and spaced out harmonics.

On the album Vegyn says, “I like to think of this record as that of a manic laugh. Happy, confused and weirdly disturbing all at the same time. During its formation I had set out to make something that combined together a lot of the juxtaposing feelings I was having at that moment. This record encapsulates a shade of who I am but not all of who I am and I hope for whoever’s listening there’s some solace or enjoyment found in these experimentations.

The 25-year-old south London based producer goes on to describe their debut longplay as the result of “insanely stoned experimentation,” keeping the listener consistently on their toes with deft vocal samples, tempo shifts, and key changes. Leaning towards Vegyn’s hip-hop influences, the hyperactive record features distinctive appearances from UK artist Jeshi, French rapper Retro X, and US rapper/producer JPEGMAFIA. Vegyn’s own voice is also featured for the first time, buried within layers of glistening synth texture, frenetic percussion and swathes of digital euphoria.

Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds is a heady, confused, overjoyed and nervous concoction of extreme emotions. The audio equivalent of feeling so many things at once that you don’t even know how to act. A title that alludes to Vegyn’s workaholism, the album is an introduction proper to a massively imaginative sound that’s not quite like anything else in electronic music right now, and to a name that will be around for years to come.

Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds by Vegyn is out now, buy/stream here.

1. Blue Verb
2. Nauseous / Devilish
3. That Ain’t No Dang Cat!
4. Aspenz
5. Cowboy ALLSTAR
6. Thoughts Of Offing One
7. Debold
8. Fake Life
9. I Don’t Owe You NYthing
10. Fire Like Tyndall
11. Unknown, Forever Unknown
12. Retro OTW
13. When I Strike…
14. You Owe Me
15. It’s Nice To Be Alive
16. Blue Verb Reprise


“Impressive in its ambition to wrong-foot you”

“Stretching the fabric of dance music with his enveloping, shape-shifting productions”

“Vegyn is about to stir things up again” 

“sounds like the future”
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