Wayne Snow Celebrates Power of Queer Black Art on Euphoric “Nina”

May 21 2021

Nigerian-born, Paris-raised, now Berlin-based neo-soul artist, Wayne Snow, today shares his new single ‘Nina,’ from the forthcoming album Figurine out later this year via Roche Musique (FKJ, Darius, Kartell). Listen/watch “Nina” HERE and pre-order Figurine HERE.

Gentle, delicate synths meander around a crisp beat, creating a graceful, euphoric vibe that’s carried over to the accompanying visuals, choreographed by South African dancer/choreographer Llewellyn Mnguni – two figures voguing, losing themselves to dance. It’s a celebration of queer Black art as a vital, jubilant life force. Says Snow, “‘Nina’ is quite simply the child in each one of us, who we call upon in difficult times. She dances to forget herself in a whirlwind of joy.”

That joy is conveyed through highly stylized voguing, the unadorned bodies of the dancers rapidly shifting through smooth, flowing poses. Such fluidity stands as a testament to the discovery of one’s true self and the right to be free; it also touches on the struggles long faced by the Black and LGBTQIA+ community. Says Mnguni“Dance is in all of us, it is the unwritten language that heals the wounds and ties the bonds that words could never achieve.”

Wayne Snow has been channeling the sun-kissed, soulful vibes of his homeland ever since his first childhood encounter with a synthesizer. Over the last few years, Snow has been spreading warmth and his unique creative vision across the globe together with Roche Musique and highly acclaimed collaborators such as FKJ, Darius, Max Graef, and more, while garnering praise for his angelic voice, emotive tracks, and striking visuals from the likes of Fader, Complex, FlauntOkayAfricaAfropunk,Hypebeast.

Three years in the making, Wayne Snow’s forthcoming album, Figurine, is a conceptual, personal work of depth and reflection, one that critically considers humanity’s obsession with masks and our creation of avatars. It’s a record based around a simple question – “Who is the real you?” – and led Snow to explore rebirth, individuality, and our obsession with social media. Love and our increasing sense of alienation are deconstructed, as is the reality of modern-day relationships, and intertwined with all this is Snow’s Nigerian heritage, and the deep sense of pride and admiration he feels towards his country of birth. 

Led by acclaimed art director Travys Owen, the vision for Wayne Snow’s videos for “Seventy,”“Nina,” and Figurine as a whole was executed by a tight-knit creative team who have previously worked with the likes of The Roots, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, Burna Boy, and more. In bringing ‘Nina’ to life, Snow and the team highlight art’s role in vitality– in life – and the indomitability of the human spirit: we all need to dance.

Nina” by Wayne Snow is out now via Roche Musique, buy/stream it here.