Wayne Snow’s celebration of contemporary Africa continues to shine in “The Thrill” video

June 25 2021

Wayne Snow celebrates contemporary Africa, Afrofutrism and also uplifts Cape Town’s LGTBTQ community in his gorgeous, cinematic new video for “The Thrill,” watch” HERE.

“The Thrill” is the last piece in a trilogy of stunning Wayne Snow videos, following “Seventy” and “Nina,” directed by acclaimed South African photographer & director Travys Owen (also behind videos for The Roots, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, Burna Boy, among others). The Tree of Life stands sturdy at the center of “The Thrill” as a metaphor for the “perfect life” and a symbol of unity. The featured dancers surrounding the tree, the Rebellious Dance Saints, represent temptations that bring us closer or farther away from these “ideals.” The Rebellious Dance Saints are a Queer Hip Hop dance crew who are an integral part of Cape Town’s vibrant LGBTQ community hailing from Cape Flats, a particularly vulnerable part of the city.

Kenyan acrobatic group Afrodizzy also make a cameo, putting on a gravity-defying performance that showcase the boundless physical capabilities of our bodies – and by extension, our minds. Shot after lockdown, the dancers’ sense of joy and gratification at being able to work again burst through the screen and brings ‘The Thrill’ to life, vitality – and humanity – writ large.

Hints of legends like Sade, D’Angelo, Fela Kuti, and more, come to mind while listening to Nigeria-via-Paris-via-Berlin Wayne Snow’s experimental, passionate take on neo soul. His forthcoming album, Figurine, is a conceptual work of depth and reflection, one that critically considers humanity’s obsession with masks and our creation of avatars. It’s a record based around a simple question – “Who is the real you?”

The Thrill” by Wayne Snow is out now via Roche Musique, buy/stream it here.

Figurine by Wayne Snow is out September 24th, 2021 via Roche Musique,
pre-order it here.

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