Westerman shares new song ‘Waiting On Design’, debut album Your Hero Is Not Dead out 5 June 2020 via Play It Again Sam

April 8 2020
Westerman by Bex Day

Today, Westerman shares a new song from his forthcoming debut album Your Hero Is Not Dead, out June 5th 2020 via Play It Again Sam. ‘Waiting on Design‘ begins with a slight buzz, then slowly builds into a beautifully intricate cut on emotional limbo and trepidation. The song is the third single from his album following ‘Think I’ll Stay‘ and ‘Blue Commanche‘. Watch Bráulio Amado’s visualiser for ‘Waiting on Design‘ HERE

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Waiting on Design‘, Westerman shares: “I was thinking about the absurdity of the self, and how nobody wants to look at themselves from the perspective of the people they hurt. What’s interesting to me about storytelling isn’t necessarily the stories themselves, but the mutual connection that comes from people’s understanding of what’s being conjured by that story.”

Westerman’s London, Berlin and Paris shows have now been moved to August and October. Tickets are on sale now here. You can also check out westerman.world which recently launched as a new interactive website that features a custom playlist of songs that inspired the new album, animated illustrations and future sneak peeks of new music before it’s released.

Your Hero Is Not Dead is the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Ark EP. Recorded alongside his close friend and producer Nathan Jenkins (A.K.A. Bullion) at first in Southern Portugal before finishing the process in London, Your Hero Is Not Dead is an album about empathy and compassion, struggle and release, and all the ways we contradict and battle within ourselves. The project is full of supremely crafted, groove-hinged songs about moral, political, and ethical grey areas, that find Westerman attempting to resolve external issues by looking inward.

Listen to ‘Waiting on Design‘ and find further details on the album, including tracklisting and cover art by renowned New York via Portugal Graphic Designer and Illustrator Bráulio Amado below.

Waiting On Design‘ by is out now, buy/stream it here

Your Hero Is Not Dead
Play It Again Sam
June 5

Pre-order here

Cover art by Bráulio Amado

1. Drawbridge
2. The Line
3. Big Nothing Glow
4. Waiting On Design
5. Think I’ll Stay
6. Dream Appropriate
7. Easy Money
8. Blue Commanche
9. Confirmation
10. Paper Dogs
11. Float Over
12. Your Hero Is Not Dead

See all world tour dates at westerman.world


“Westerman’s songwriting takes in the tumult of a whirring mind and turns it into music that has the power to soothe modern anxieties, if not solve them” 

“Developing imperfect ideas into something brilliant”
Interview Magazine

“Manages to delicately balance melodic complexity and a variety of different instruments in a way that sounds not just easy, but effortless”

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