William Singe shares lush RnB love song “Have To Be”

Photo by Sally Clark
July 7 2023

PRAISE FOR William Singe

“"mesmerizing vocals"”


“"his content serves as an opportunity to display his talents as a producer and instrumentalist by editing in clips of him building an original bed of production before laying down a verse of vocals."”


“"perfect for the song"”

Jonas Blue on his feature on "Mama" for MTV

“Have To Be” by William Singe is out now, stream/buy it here.

Australian R&B artist William Singe, known for his viral videos that garnered billions of views and organic adoring fans globally, today shares the latest, lush, steamy RnB hit from his forthcoming independent record Where Do Birds Go At Night..? (Out July 28), “Have To Be.” Listen to “Have To Be” HERE, and presave Where Do Birds Go At Night..? HERE.

“Have To Be” is characteristically reminiscent of the early 2000s RnB, creating a satisfying balance between nostalgia and new. It’s playful with rhythm in ways that hook you in, the way a good RnB groove should, leaving you wanting to hit repeat right away. Singe’s vocals cut through the energetic slow jam beat as he professes his love for a past love – part of the journey that has led him to the man he is today. The dense but weightless, floating harmonies and ad libbed riffs in the background build this steamy world full of Singe’s honest and soulful lyricism; it’s a sonic adventure that easily resonates, leaving you craving more.

Of the track, Singe says, “With ‘Have To Be,’ I’m bringing forth the music that truly resonates with me. It’s a song that embodies the essence of the music I enjoy creating – soulful, heartfelt, and authentic. I can’t wait to share this piece of my musical passion with my fans who have been supporting me throughout my journey.”

Of the forthcoming album, he continues, “With Where Do Birds Go At Night? I wanted to create an album that blends the soulful R&B sound that my fans are accustomed to with a raw and vulnerable storytelling approach. It’s a collection of songs that chronicles the ups and downs of a past relationship and the transformative path I traveled to arrive at the present moment. I can’t wait for my fans to immerse themselves in this musical narrative and experience the emotional depth of this project.”

Singe has been busy creating new music that reflects his growth as an artist and his personal experiences, while working with a world class team on his own terms. William first attracted attention by taking third place on Australia’s X-Factor, quickly turning this newfound success as a springboard for his solo career with several acclaimed covers, original releases, and a successful collaboration, ‘Mama’ with UK producer Jonas Blue. Singe has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, his hard hitting production and personally-fueled lyrics have earned him international recognition and streaming numbers well into the billions, over 1 million followers on Instagram and 5 million fans globally. He has sold out two world tours, and his music continues to resonate with audiences all over the planet with fans at Billboard, Forbes, MTV, and more.

His recent singles “Whanau” and “California On You” have both landed in the top 10 Music Charts in New Zealand in the weeks since their releases, with support globally from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, VEVO and Amazon. With the upcoming release of his latest project, he enters a new chapter that’s based on love and honesty. Inspired by a rapidly changing world, his newfound fatherhood and his own experience in life as a young Australian-Maori, he is poised to be a vital voice in R&B for years to come, radically reimagining his genre in his own image.

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