Your Grandparents share debut album Thru My Window

July 16 2021

The rising Los Angeles-based R&B/Hip-Hop trio Your Grandparents, composed of vocalists DaCostaJean Carter, and producer ghettoblasterman, have released their long-awaited full-length debut album, Thru My Window, available independently on all digital streaming platforms via The OrchardLISTEN HERE.

On the release of their debut album, Your Grandparents share, “Thru My Window is an alternative commentary on love in early adulthood. Illustrated through the joint perspective of Your Grandparents, the narrative portrays the origins of a budding relationship and its potential complexities.” Thru My Windowincludes previously released singles ‘Sunlight‘, ‘Tomorrow‘, and ‘So Damn Fly‘, which earned them a highly coveted spot on this year’s upcoming Day N Vegas festival lineup and high praise from the tastemakers like The FADERHYPEBEASTOnes to WatchUPROXXNotionRated R&BLadygunn, and more.

Your Grandparents make music that hints to the nostalgia of previous decades without feeling dated. Nor is the trio cemented to just one genre, either. The friends founded Your Grandparents, using the moniker as a nod to the elders who introduced them to classic artists and inspired their musical tastes, in 2014. Originally, the trio released rap music, but their work quickly grew to incorporate the various genres that have inspired their musicianship. When asked about the albums that have inspired them lately, the men rattle off a variety of projects including D’Angelo’s Voodoo, Erykah Badu’s Baduism, The Fugees’ The Score and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. Today, Your Grandparents release music that nods to funk, soul, hip-hop, rock, blues and other genres.

Fueled by a recent trip to Paris, ghettoblasterman says the group’s new album Thru My Window is about “the different types of loves that you can encounter.” Far away from their native Los Angeles and experiencing the romantic challenges that come with dating in your early 20s, the three experienced the emotional and musical clarity that allowed them to finish the project in months. It’s their quickest creative endeavour to date. Thru My Window is also the first project where the trio could utilise other musicians and live instrumentation, resulting in their strongest productions to date.

So Damn Fly‘, the project’s lead single, is anchored around a psychedelic bassline and electronic guitar licks. The video, directed and produced by Your Grandparents, further displays the 70s era that inspired the single. The video for ‘Tomorrow‘, a song about “pursuing a love interest despite the uncertainty it involves,” borrows from the Blaxploitation films popularized in the same decade. Your Grandparentsutilised various recording techniques to get the desired effect for their genre-blending debut album. The group credits their cohesive sound to their years-long friendship, which began when they were each about 13 years old. “Our tastes have kind of combined into one. There’s not a lot of communication on the creation end that has to happen. We just fall into place,” ghettoblasterman says.

Thru My Window is out now, buy/stream it here.

So Damn Fly
Past Love
Red Room
Down the Road

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