After a childhood of rotating music lessons between classical piano, drums, and guitar, Baltimore-via-LA artist, producer, & multi-instrumentalist Baird initially formed an artist project under the pseudonym flybear that was rooted in his high school Ableton adventures and fervent Soundcloud digging. Despite streaming success and a deal with Big Beat (Atlantic), he found himself creatively stifled and chose to start fresh. Hoping to meld his own musical thesis with the electronic-based world he knew so well, it became clear Baird had to release music under his given name, as his new sound would be the most authentic representation of him as an artist. A producer and writer, his most recent collaborations include GRAMMY-nominated Arlo Parks, BROCKHAMPTON, Yendry, Berhana, and more. As a solo artist, he reaches back to childhood influences like Stevie Wonder and Talking Heads, as well as more contemporary picks like Panda Bear and Jai Paul to form the bedrock of his sound.

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