Ever earnest and open about their struggles with depression, mental health and financial instability, DijahSB balances their candid and frank storytelling with lyricism that is always playfully dexterous – an abiding belief in continual growth and the potential of life’s small victories – that is inspirational but never didactic. Their music serves as a balm; a friend bearing battle scars, talking you through all of their myriad hopes, breakthroughs and heartbreaks in the hope that it might soothe your own. Long an emergent star of Toronto’s hip hop scene, the release of their second full-length, Head Above the Waters, delivered DijahSB to wider international attention, garnering praise from Clash, Gal-Dem, Fader, Complex, Exclaim, NPR Music, Consequence, OkayPlayer and more for their innovative, free-form approach to genre and quick-witted, honest depiction of everyday life of a Black, non-binary artist. Alongside their Polaris Music Prize nomination, 2021 also saw the emcee named as a finalist for the 2021 SOCAN Songwriting Prize, Canada’s only publicly-voted major songwriting award, for the single “Frontin’ Like Pharrell” taken from their debut LP, 2020 The Album. 

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