carwash / Postcard Boy

Carwash is one of the multiple music projects for Los Angeles-based artist Garrett Seamans. While initially releasing music under the moniker Postcard Boy in late high school, carwash began as a side project for him in 2019. Quietly, he dropped the song ‘striptease’ while in the midst of directing six music videos for his Postcard Boy EP called Limbo. Over the course of the next year, carwash continued to grow, releasing follow-up singles (‘supermarket’ and ‘punch22’) as well as continuing to drop Postcard Boy tracks (‘Picture Book’ and ‘skydive’). In 2021, he released the first carwash project called soap water. Along with this, he wrote, directed, and produced a short film titled “soap water: the movie” that accompanies the EP, telling a light-hearted story that is soundtracked chronologically by the five-song project. With a background in film and photography, the visual aspect of both carwash and Postcard Boy is integral to the world each builds out. Now neither artist project holds the front seat, but instead focuses him as an artist on exploring distinct sonic spaces and visual identities.

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